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    The Webrunner is part of the SlapOS toolbox. It is a platform-as-a-service (PAAS) and browser-based development IDE containing a sandbox for a SlapOS application. It can be used to develop this application itself or host another production environment (like ERP5) which this way also benefits from SlapOS resiliency. The Webrunner IDE is developed and maintained by Nexedi (see our full free software stack).

    Why use Webrunner?

    IDE and PAAS

    A Webrunner is an IDE fully integrated into SlapOS. Through the embedded SlapOS proxy, the webrunner has access to all services running on SlapOS in a sandboxed environment from which software can be written and deployed. A Webrunner also acts as a PAAS by allowing to push all changes to be live directly.

    Development Toolbox

    The Webrunner enables instance configuration and includes a file browser, code editor, terminal and git interface to manage all aspects of software development and releasing through a single interface with features such as:

    • GUI for Status Control (start/stop/pause services, for example during upgrades).
    • Software Monitoring from logs to user accessibility control.
    • Resiliceny to recover from crashes, restart a clone with minimum of downtime, effort and data loss or migrate a server.
    • Free CDN for the hosted instance.
    • Partition of working environments through Sandboxing (a virtualenv with the size of a software)
    • Git Server for hosting private/public repos.
    • Static Site Hosting through publicly accessible gateway.
    • Fully Browser Based and accessible from any device with preferred tools available over webdav.


    Getting Started

    Source Code

    You can find the source code in the SlapOS toolbox git repository: https://lab.nexedi.com/nexedi/slapos.toolbox/ or browse it online.


    • SlapOS

    Installing Webrunner

    The webrunner is part of SlapOS, please refer to the SlapOS installation page for information how to install SlapOS.

    Latest Releases

    There are no separate releases for the Webrunner as it is part of the SlapOS toolbox. The current version of the toolbox can be found on its Gitlab repository tag list.


    Tips and Tricks


    Automated test results are published on www.erp5.com.


    Can I use the Webrunner as a standalone solution?

    Not at this point. Webrunners are tightly integrated into SlapOS and work as main interface to work with SlapOS itself and whatever software release is being run.

    How can I get a Webrunner?

    To use a Webrunner, you can either request a SlapOS instance through VifiB (Nexedi's hosting provider, not free of charge) or host your own SlapOS instance by following the steps outlined on the SlapOS community page and setup everything on your own server.


    Webrunner is Free Software, licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v3 (or later). For details, please see Nexedi licensing.